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Cause of Basement Leaks

Cause of Basement Leak

Cause of Basement Leaks in Syracuse, Rochester NY & Surrounding Towns

Basement leaks are caused by various reasons, among which the most common are wall & floor leak, excavation & backfilling, clogged drain pipes, hydrostatic pressure, and the material used in the basement foundation. There are several factors that must be considered in order to properly waterproof a basement.

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Wall & Floor Leaks in New York Foundations

Leaks in the wall and floor are a direct result of the hydrostatic pressure of the water in the soil surrounding your foundation. When exterior drainage pipes are clogged, and the water has nowhere to go, it seeps in through gaps between the wall and floor. All while exerting immense pressure on the wall of your basement.

Water leakage eventually leads to mold growth because of the moisture involved. More so in basements, because they tend to be dark and damp.

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Clogged Drainage System

One major cause of basement leaks is a clogged footing drain. Fine particles in the soil mixed with small rocks enter the drainage system along with rainwater. Eventually, sediments of mud and particles build up and block the waterway completely.


This hinders the drainage system. As a result, the water collects in the soil outside of your basement, and pushes against your foundation walls. It will gradually find its way into the basement through tiny gaps.

Footing Drain Installation by Upstate NY Sump Pump Geeks

The footing drain installation process includes excavating the soil around the basement foundation and backfilling once the drain has been installed. The backfilled soil is usually less tightly packed than the soil that is untouched, thus it is more permeable to water, allowing water to drain more effectively from around your foundation.

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