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Wall & Floor Leak

Wall & Floor Leak

Wall & Floor Leak Repair in Syracuse, Rochester NY & Surrounding Towns

Foundation walls & floors leaking has to be one of the most common issues when it comes to wet basements. The hydrostatic pressure of the water within the surrounding soil can seep through the walls and floors of a basement. Cracking and leaking can typically be attributed to the materials used during construction.  A wet basement can attract mold growth, which can pose a serious health risk for some people.

Upstate NY Sump Pump Geeks’ Wall & Floor Leak Repair Services

Our sump pump experts can identify cracks in the walls and floors of your foundation and provide the most effective solution. We are the local experts for wall and floor leak repairs in Syracuse, Rochester NY & Surrounding Towns.


Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your foundation wall and floor to identify leaks, cracks and other forms of damage. Then, we perform our specialized repair procedures to make your basement more secure and dry.


We do more than just repair leaks; We also offer sump pump installation and repair as well as repair services to all issues regarding your basement and foundation.

Why Choose Upstate NY Sump Pump Geeks?

Count on Upstate NY Sump Pump Geeks to Fix Your Foundation Leak

Are you experiencing a leak in your basement? Contact the Upstate NY Sump Pump Geeks and get your leak repaired before it causes damage to your belongings and property. You can count on us for a reliable repair. prevent further chances of mold growth with our moisture control services.

Call us now at +1(800)-491-2008 for professional basement and foundation repair services.