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Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Sump Pump Geeks Preparing Syracuse, Rochester NY & Surrounding Towns Pumps for Winter

When the temperature drops, ice can build up in and around your sump pump basin. This impedes the flow of water into it, and if the water in the basin freezes completely, it can cause the pump to run dry. This can severely damage your pump, prompting replacement.

Precautions need to be taken during the winter to ensure the longevity of your pump, basement, and home.

Extensive Care for your Sump Pump for Winters in Upstate NY.

The Sump Pump Geeks of Upstate NY are here to make sure that your sump pump system is ready for winter! Although they aren’t as necessary during this time of year, regular maintenance should still be a priority.

Complete Inspection & Winterization for Your Sump Pump in Upstate NY.

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